Petru Corporation featured on "Enterprises" television program, hosted by Terry Bradshaw

by ETG Support | Jun 30, 2015

June 30, 2015, Santa Paula, CA – Petru Corporation ‚Äčis featured in a segment on Enterprises, hosted by Terry Bradshaw, legendary Super Bowl quarterback and television personality, which is a television program on topics, trends, and issues related to “Services and Solutions Optimizing Oil and Gas Industry Success” as part of the show’s “Today's Energy” series. This segment has started to air and will continue to air over the next couple of months on various television networks. One of the upcoming air times is August 22, 2015 on FOX Business Network.

Under the right circumstances, subsurface oil and gas deposits and even natural oil seeps can appear on any land, and if it’s your land—you just might have an oil company knocking at your door offering significant cash for the right to drill. While this may sound like a fantasy, the fact is many people are living the dream, receiving royalty checks for the production of petroleum on their own land.

Petru Corporation helps oil companies, mineral and property owners, title insurance companies, attorneys and others navigate the many facets of natural resource land issues. Petru is a land consulting company offering expertise in oil, gas, mineral, geothermal, green energy, and water rights, as well as real property title issues, and land and regulatory matters. Based in Santa Paula, California, the company’s unique land services have been relied upon for a wide variety of multimillion-dollar projects including natural resource exploration and development, industrial and commercial developments, Rails to Trails, and more.

“Petru believes its being featured on Enterprises will inform its clients, current and future, of its 30 years of hard work and dedication to the natural resources, title, and land industries,” explained Tim Truwe, Owner, President, and CFO of Petru. “Petru Corporation is excited to showcase their professional land services and show why they are considered the experts in their field.”

Enterprises combs the nation and the globe to bring viewers fascinating business stories and firsthand insights from entrepreneurs within various industries. The television show is broadcast nationally and regionally on many popular television networks.

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Regardless of the size or complexity, each project receives the benefit of the Company's 30 years in business and the expertise of its personnel.