About Us

Petru Corporation Petru Corporation is a consulting company offering a full line of land services. The Company is based in Santa Paula, California and incorporated in 1986. The staff has extensive experience in the above listed fields and offers its services throughout the United States with a special focus on California and Nevada.

Petru Corporation and its unique services have been featured on the television program Enterprises, aired on FOX Business Network, hosted by football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw, also in the publication “Black Gold in California, the Story of the California Petroleum Industry” and the publication “Corporate America”. Visit our website to view these features.

Petru Corporation has performed title searches, examinations and written reports for various title insurance companies and their underwriters, for their issuance of title insurance policies on complex multi-million dollar projects. Petru also provides services to assist the Claims departments of title insurance companies. Our team of title experts can handle the most complex and involved title issues. We are staffed with expert personnel who have been trained and have worked in the title insurance industry.

Petru Corporation maintains a large data base of land title records for a majority of the counties in California. This provides Petru’s clients with cost and time efficiency.

Petru Corporation has been retained to act as expert witness in litigation involving title, title insurance, water rights, subdivisions of land and oil and gas related matters, and has prepared narratives relative hereto for court proceedings.

Petru Corporation has provided its services on a wide variety of projects, including: railroads (including Rails To Trails), water rights, industrial/commercial developments, natural resources, green energy, rights of way, easements, leasehold estates, agricultural land, subdivisions, mining, offshore petroleum leases, asset identification, foreclosures of liens on properties/interests, bankruptcies, land fraud transactions, Subdivision Map Act matters, clearing land titles of unwanted matters or conflicting uses, and road widening and abandonments. The Company has managed title, land and oil/gas projects ranging from as small as one acre of land, up to more than one million acres of land.

Petru Corporation has planned land subdivisions, performed regulatory processing of land subdivisions and lot line adjustments, and performed legal lot determinations under the Subdivision Map Act and local ordinance.

Petru Corporation performs regulatory (permit) consulting on projects including, but not limited to oil, gas, mineral, wind, solar and geothermal projects, agricultural projects, and business and building expansions. Petru has obtained Conditional Use Permits (CUPs), Special Use Permits (SUPs) and Zoning Clearances for various projects.  Petru has also worked with and/or obtained permits from many other governmental agencies for various projects, including the Fire Department, Air Pollution Control District, Environmental Health, Building & Safety Department, Flood Control, Grading Department, Army Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Department of Water Resources, Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife, Fish & Game and the Bureau of Land Management. Petru Corporation maintains a good rapport with local, state and federal governmental agencies.

Petru Corporation has acted as an outside or satellite land department for various petroleum and geothermal exploration and production companies, providing title searches, drillsite title reports, lease negotiations, managing land/lease records, joint ventures, acquisitions/divestitures, land availability checks, rights of way and permitting. This covers both onshore and offshore on private and federal/state lands.

Petru Corporation works in conjunction with other industry professions and companies to provide a full complement of services beyond those traditionally offered. Such professional companies include: geophysicists, attorneys specializing in oil and gas and real estate, environmental consultants, geologists, title insurance companies, surveyors and engineers.

Petru Corporation has provided its services to major and independent oil, gas, mineral, geothermal and mining companies, solar and wind companies, title insurance companies, attorneys, California Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Justice, local governmental agencies, water purveyors, developers, individual and corporate land and mineral owners and may others.

Regardless of the size or complexity, each project receives the benefit of the Company's 30 years in business and the expertise of its personnel.