Key Employees

Petru CorporationTim Truwe, President and Chief Financial Officer of Petru Corporation, started his career in 1973 in the title, resource and regulatory industries.  His career includes employment and training at Ticor Title Insurance Company (now Chicago Title Co.) as Title Searcher, Title Officer and Title Engineer. Additionally, he worked at Ogle Petroleum Inc., as Assistant Land Manager in the Land/Legal Department. His responsibilities at Ogle included both onshore and offshore assets and the technical and administrative oversight of several thousand parcels of land and leases in excess of one million acres. Tim is a Registered Professional Landman (#23542) and a Registered Environmental Property Assessor (#569045).

Elizabeth Truwe, Vice-President/Corporate Secretary of Petru Corporation, has a background in law, real estate, petroleum land work and business administration. She has been with Petru Corporation since 2001, performing her corporate responsibilities, real estate and energy work. Elizabeth holds a Juris Doctorate in Corporate Law and Undergraduate in Criminal Law and an Associate in Arts Degree in the field of Business.

George Truwe, Deceased, served Petru Corporation for fifteen years with his outstanding abilities.  Always willing to take on the hard jobs and devoting his full efforts to their successful completion. A wonderful man, and a devoted employee.​ We thank him.

Ken Sammis, Title Specialist/Landman, began his career in the title, land and petroleum fields in 1975. His jobs include assignments with title insurance companies as a long order commercial / industrial and oil and gas title officer, county manager of a title insurance company, regional title consultant with Southern Pacific Railroad Company and Landman responsibilities with various independent and major oil and gas companies.

Cathie Feeney, Executive Assistant, Landman & Bookkeeper, has worked in petroleum consulting, bookkeeping and accounting since 1990.​ Cathie has additional experience in computer generated geological maps, logs and well data and has owned and run her own bookkeeping/accounting and computer consulting businesses. She also performs title searching and energy land work.

Marcelino Arca, Title Searcher/Examiner and Landman, has worked in the field of title work since 1994.​ His assignment prior to Petru Corporation was that of title searcher and examiner for Investor Title Company, searching title to properties for their issuance of title reports and title insurance policies.

Regardless of the size or complexity, each project receives the benefit of the Company's 30 years in business and the expertise of its personnel.